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About our space: Our 2,735 square foot facility is designed to offer co-working at its best. We have four soundproof phone booths, a team meeting room, and 10-person boardroom. This premier facility is centrally located in Saint John’s business district and shares a home with emerging business leaders.


What is an incubator?

  • A startup incubator is an environment that has been designed to give founders access to essential services to get their company started. This includes professional workspace, access to mentorship, funding, and talent. 


Mentors in residence

Our mentors are available to help founders work through their most pressing business challenges. Beyond our in-house mentors our collective network is strong and active. We make sure that our companies are plugged into the business leaders and experts in our community.

  • Dan Doiron our Entrepreneur in Residence is a published researcher in disruptive innovation and has led the development of many innovative telecommunication companies during his time at NBTel.
  • Donna Mazerolle, of Donna Mazerolle & Associates is our Chief Financial Officer in residence, has over 20 years of experience leading companies and supporting small businesses.
  • Charlie Bartlett, of Flint Venture Catalyst is a seasoned entrepreneur with extensive experience in marketing.


Block One is a place to build a highly valuable network

Our goal is to reduce the time founders spend on anything that is not inline with their most immediate business objectives. This means facilitating direct connections to government programs, angel investors, and mentors that can help you grow your business. We want you to leverage our network to accelerate innovation and growth in our community.


Peer learning

Working at Block One is about more than top of line facilities. Here you will meet intelligent, ambitious, and dedicated founders that are passionate about building globally competitive companies. We have a community built on reciprocity and supporting our collective success.  


Why great founders chose to work with us

Great founders choose to work with us because we provide them all the tools to be successful and are willing to go above and beyond to get them whatever help they need. Whether they need space, introductions to industry, connections to mentors or investors, help finding talent, we will find a way to provide value.


  • Millennia TEA – Millennia TEA is establishing a new global category of tea – called Fresh-Leaf TEA. 

Through its proprietary preservation process, Millennia TEA has created the first washed + flash-frozen tea product on the market – delivering 5x antioxidants compared to dried green tea, and a fresh-from-the-field taste experience unlike anything on the market today. As a company born out of a health scare, Millennia TEA is laser focused on maximizing the nutritional properties of tea. Its founders spent three years fine-tuning their method to deliver a fresh tea product, and sourcing partners around the world, to deliver on its mission of fuelling wellness with the freshest and most antioxidant-rich tea anywhere. The company has raised more than half a million dollars and recently begun retailing in Sobeys and Loblaws. Twelve months ago they had fewer than 50 retail customers. By the end of 2020, they will be in over 450 by the end of 2020. 


  • Marine Thinking - Marine Thinking Inc. is focused on redefining the marine industry through the use of highly advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic technologies. From data collected by their specialized remotely operated vehicles (ROV), equipped with rich sensor fusion, they have logged nearly 1,000 hours of accurately labeled marine species, objects, and environmental physical data. At the same time, Marine Thinking scientists and engineers continue to research and develop advanced deep neural network AI models, specifically, for marine scenes. This will allow AI-assisted ROV to conduct their sea exploration with complete automatic cursing, efficient identification, and autonomous operation decision-making. With the continuous accumulation of big data, Marine Thinking will be able to provide more accurate data on the marine environment and species distribution within. Providing a platform for refined decision-making and support for marine management. The technology at Marine Thinking aims to protect the environment and strengthen the sustainable development of the marine industry.


  • Botrow Technologies - Botrow Technologies is bringing self serve kiosk tech to ski hills in Canada and the states. The company is growing entirely off revenue and has gone from one hill to 6 and counting in the last year. Most recently the company struck a deal with Horseshoe Resort in Ontario!


Past successes

  • Four Eyes Financial - Lori Weir, the CEO of FEF joined our incubator to move her development team out of her basement and into our office. Over the course of two years we saw Four Eyes progress from product development, to successfully raising an angel round, and gaining their first customer. We played a key role in introducing the company to angel investors from our community. Since the company has moved quickly growing their market presence in Canada’s finance community. The customer base and team are growing too. They now have a team of 12 and counting. Keep your eyes open for Four Eyes Financial.


  • EhEye - James Stewart, was one of our very first Incubator clients, we helped James with a small loan to get him started on his prototype, gave him a space to work, and connected him to various government programs. Since James built a computer vision product that identified weapons and other threats in real time. The Company grew to 8 people, before being acquired by Patriot One Technologies who now employs a development team of 15 in Saint John.


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