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Filling Unfilled Jobs

Recruitment, retention and on-boarding challenges are an issue for companies across Canada, including Greater Saint John.

A multi-agency pilot project is now underway led by Economic Development Greater Saint John, the Premier’s office, Opportunities New Brunswick (ONB), Post-Secondary Education, Training & Labour (PETL), Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) and the City of Saint John.

The Filling Unfilled Jobs Initiative will analyze employers’ challenges and test out new approaches to help local companies attract and retain talent. A multi-agency action team will work with local companies to develop solutions that can be implemented immediately.

The action team will also look for common challenges that can be addressed through short-to medium-term workforce development approaches such as employer-driven job fairs or recruitment missions.

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The shrinking workforce across the region is arguably the most significant barrier to growth. When we solve this, it will be the greatest opportunity for Greater Saint John’s companies to grow, and for the region to attract new investment.

Our efforts are all about collaboration; working together to drive the economy forward.

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Our Goals

Year 1 Target
Development of concept, determining feasibility and securing partner buy-in for an Uptown Innovation District.
Year 3 Goal
Public, private, and non-profit investments in developing the Uptown Innovation District.

Newcomer Retention and Business Start-up Help

The Business Immigrant Mentorship Program (BIMP) is located in Saint John and administered by ConnexionWorks. If you’re a new immigrant interested in starting a business and need assistance, this program provides business training and mentorship.

You can join if you have moved to Canada under any of the following criteria:

Major EmployersChoose Saint John

Here is a list of our major employers.

Major Employers in Greater Saint John. We have a diverse economy with major employers in a variety of sectors including Energy, Advanced Manufacturing, Health & Life Sciences and ICT.

The following list includes medium to large companies currently employing people in Greater Saint John:

Employment size categories from Statistics Canada have been re-grouped into Canadian Industry Statistics. Here are the categories under the following employment size ranges:

1-4 employees
5-99 employees
100-499 employees
500+ employees

Industry Sectors

Our diverse industrial base keeps our region’s engine running year-round. Our economy includes everything from large-scale industrial operations to a host of small businesses.

Explore Greater Saint John’s key sectors.