Filling Unfilled Jobs Project

Recruitment, retention and on-boarding challenges are an issue for companies across Canada, including Greater Saint John. A multi-agency pilot project is now underway led by Economic Development Greater Saint John, the Premier’s office, Opportunities New Brunswick (ONB), Post-Secondary Education, Training & Labour (PETL), Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) and the City of Saint John.

The Filling Unfilled Jobs Initiative will analyze employers’ challenges and test out new approaches to help local companies attract and retain talent. A multi-agency action team will work with local companies to develop solutions that can be implemented immediately.  The action team will also look for common challenges that can be addressed through short-to-medium term workforce development approaches such as employer-driven job fairs or recruitment missions.

Other Projects

Entrepreneurial Pipeline Project

Entrepreneurial Pipeline Project

The Entrepreneurial Pipeline project will grow our start-up community and feed key skills into the workforce by giving young people the tools and skills relevant to today’s economy.

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