New Business to help Job Seekers & Start-Ups

New Business to help Job Seekers & Start-Ups

When Shauna Cole had her first son, Jayden, four years ago it changed her perspective on everything, including her career.

“The experience of having endless feelings of guilt forced me to reevaluate my life.  Ultimately, it led me to the end of a successful 10+ year corporate career. Leaving my corporate career behind was a really tough and emotional experience.  It forced me down the path of thinking about my own career and goals.  Then I thought – a lot of people must have had this same experience,” says Cole.

Her research into the market reflected that theory.

“The more I talked to moms, students and other professionals facing significant change, the lack of support around career transition became apparent.”

Her research also revealed another gap. New businesses or start-ups who had less revenue to invest in HR planning.

“For small businesses and start-ups, I can offer custom communications and HR support. The services are lean and affordable,” adds Cole.

Cole got a loan from Enterprise Saint John to start her HR business, Shauna Cole Consulting. She is a Chartered Professional in Human Resources and has an MBA, which she says, puts her in the perfect position to help.

“Life’s too short to get your career choice wrong and quite frankly, we spend way too much time at work to be miserable.  Before you start building that resume, you need to take a step back and set some career goals and articulate a strategy.”

Many people may turn to resume building sites and apps and while Cole says they make a great starting point, they may not help you nail down every advantage you can bring to a job.

“There are tons of points of view on what to include, formatting etcetera. You probably have excellent skills that you aren’t even recognizing. Working with an experienced professional, like me, means we can make the right choices for your specific situation. I know what the recruiter is looking for because I’ve been that recruiter!” adds Cole.

Another thing Cole says people overlook is their personal brand. While some may think it’s all about their social media presence, it’s more than that.

“Personal brand is important to all demographics and expands beyond social streams.  Personal brand includes all those things that come to someone’s mind when your name is mentioned.  This is essentially how others see you in the world.  These ‘others’ include potential employers. I can help you understand and manage your personal brand,” says Cole.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Cole has set some goals of her own when it comes to her brand and her business five years from now.

“In 5 years, I’d love to be the ‘go to’ for career support.  I’ll have a full roster of support materials including workbooks and webinars. I’ll hire a team – ideally new grads from UNBSJ – to mentor and provide entry-level HR experience.”

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Originally published in the Saint John Telegraph Journal February 12, 2018.

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