The Best Business Loan in Saint John

The Best Business Loan in Saint John

Let me tell you about Saint John’s best business loan! The Impact Loan is about more than just money, our mandate is to help local businesses thrive.

Did you know that anyone in Saint John starting a business can apply for up to a $25,000 term loan through the Impact Loan Program? If you’re an entrepreneur under 40 you can even apply for the Impact Loan to grow or modernize your existing business. Let me tell you why the Impact Loan is Saint John’s best Business loan.

Let’s begin with the terms of the loan. The Impact Loan is offered at the lowest available interest rate in our region, just 2% + prime. Depending on your credit, other lenders would be offering 8 – 10% interest for a similar loan. In addition to our great interest rate, we also offer the first 12 months interest FREE. For the first year you’re repaying on the principal directly. Our loan runs on a 5-year repayment period, but there are no penalties or fees for repaying your loan early. Although the terms of the loan are fantastic, you’ll only be able to borrow up to $25,000. So, you’ll likely to need to engage with other lenders as well.

The next best reason why the Impact Loan is so great is the value-added application process. Regardless of where you’re seeking financing for starting a business, you’ll need a business plan and a cash flow forecast. When you come to the Impact Loan for financing, we help you develop and understand these documents. We start by providing you our business plan template that has been designed for first time business owners. We will help you edit and revise your plan until its strong enough to put in front of potential financers. In addition to the revisions for your business plan, we also offer a 1-hour cash flow forecasting session. In this session you’ll get your 2-year cash flow forecasts, but you’ll also get a customized financial model. This will give you a better understanding of your pricing, margins, sales forecasts, and break-even point.

The Impact Loan is about more than just money, our mandate is to help local businesses thrive. In addition to our friendly financing terms, we also provide non-repayable funding for training. Once you become a client of the Impact Loan you will regularly be offered subsidized training opportunities. We want to give our clients the training they need to be successful.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and they could have said it takes multiple financers to fund a business. Let the Impact Loan be your first stop on your business financing journey. We’ll help you prepare the documentation you need to secure our funding and connect you to other funding partners that you’ll need to launch your new business. The Impact Loan is waiting to help you be Saint John’s next business success.


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