ASK GSJ – Kizzy

ASK GSJ – Kizzy

Kizzy lives and works in Greater Saint John

Location: Queen Square North in Uptown Saint John, New Brunswick
Styling: wardrobe and footwear by Kizzy; accessories - Baubles

Kizzy is a Senior Analytics Developer and Business Analyst at Irving Oil. 

"Living in Saint John is like living at your beautiful, relaxing cottage on the water all year long."

People from the area often move away, but we love it when our region's lifestyle draws them back home. 

We want to show you what it’s like to live and work in Saint John, New Brunswick.


Questions and Answers with Kizzy


Where are you from?

Norton, New Brunswick. Fun fact: I am the reigning Miss Norton (: 


Where did you go to school and what did you study?

- I have a bachelor of science from Dalhousie University in Halifax, and post-graduate diploma in Applied Information Technology from ITI - Information Technology Institute (Moncton campus). I have also been a volunteer with the Saint John Theatre Company since I moved back to Saint John. Although all my 'work' with SJTC has been volunteer (actor, director, stage manager, wardrobe coordinator, board member, etc.), I have always considered it my 'spare time career'. 


When did you move to Saint John? Was it for your present job?

- I originally moved to Saint John in 2000, right out of school, to work for an IT consulting firm. I stuck around until 2012 when a job opportunity lured me to Toronto. Then, in 2017, I moved back to Saint John to work for Irving Oil.


Can you please provide a brief overview of your job?

I am a Senior Analytics Developer and Business Analyst. Using business intelligence and analytics software, my team and I develop solutions that enable the business to make informed decisions and which also automate and optimize business processes. My team also relies upon my experience in IT to help provide project management and oversight to our larger endeavors. I have a diverse background - I'm an actor, a scientist, a singer, a developer, a business analyst... and each of those things alone do not an IT professional make, but together they give me a particular set of skills and insights that are contributing to Irving Oil's, and my own, success.


What’s the best thing about your job?

- I love that I get to be creative in my job - and that creativity is encouraged, even expected. I need to always be considering different ways of doing things and not be satisfied with the status quo. There's no time for boredom or resting on my laurels. 


Why do you choose to live and work in Saint John?

- I have had so many opportunities here - to sing in a band, to perform on stage at the Imperial Theatre, to go to world-class music festivals on the waterfront, to hike in gorgeous parks, to kayak on the Kennebecasis River, to spend time with family and friends anytime I want to. Those opportunities turn into experiences that have shaped who I am, and make Saint John 'home' for me.


What is the best thing about this city?

- I am going to break the rules and say there are two things that are the best.

#1: The people. There are so many talented, interesting, adventurous, smart and - most of all - caring people around here. The love and support is unparallelled. Just ask Bobby's Hospice, who fundraise locally for over a million dollars each year to provide end of life care for peoople in our community. Ask the kids that get to play their favourite sport because the same small business sponsors their team every year. Ask the family who doesn't need to worry about rent, because their communtiy has been there for them during a tough time. This city, this community, looks after them. It's very special, what we do for eachother. 

#2: The arts scene. When I moved to Saint John in 2000, what made it 'home' for me was the Saint John Theatre Company. At the time it was run almost completely by volunteers. It was never just about producing a play - it was (and is) about learning and growing and doing something that, individually, would probably not be possible. This same theme permeates Saint John's music scene and other visual arts scenes as well. Saint John has comedic artists, painters, sculptors, actors, spoken word artists, of diverse backgrounds and experience levels. AND THEN there are the people who are attending arts events, purchasing works of art, sponsoring artistic endeavors, and spreading the word about the arts at every opportunity. It's pretty sick/lit/hip - whatever the cool word the kids are using these days. 


What is your favourite restaurant?

- Splash!


What is your favourite weekend activity? 

- Catching a show at the Imperial Theatre or the BMO Studio then catching up with friends afterward. 


What is something that people from away need to know about Saint John?

- When I was living in Toronto, I spent two hours commuting each day. I now spend roughly 30 munites a day commuting to and from work. That's an extra 90 minutes, five days a week, when I am spending more time with my husband and pooch, visiting with family, volunteering, enjoying the company of friends, taking in a show, or rehearsing for a play. That works out to be around 15 days a year that I am using to live life to its fullest, that I used to spend just trying to get to work and home each day. If you have even been considering a move to the east coast, think about what you could do with an extra 90 minutes a day. 


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