ASK GSJ – James

ASK GSJ – James

James lives and works in Greater Saint John

Location: The Village of St. Martins, New Brunswick
Distance from Uptown:
57 km / 47 minutes driving
Styling: wardrobe – Pristine; accessories – belt and shoes belong to James


James is the Engineering Technologist and Hydrographer for Port Saint John, representing Greater Saint John’s Ocean sector. 

"Saint John has big city qualities and experiences but still maintains that small town feel."

After living away in another fantastic location, Greater Saint John’s attributes often draw people back home. 

We want to show you what it’s like to live and work in Saint John, New Brunswick.


Questions and Answers with James


Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Saint John. I went through the French Immersion program at Millidgeville North and graduated from St. Malachy's High School.  


Where did you go to school and what did you study?

- I went to school in Melbourne, Australia at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology where I studied Conservation and Land Management. The course focused on techniques and best practices for rehabilitating degraded ecosystems in Australia.  


When did you move to Saint John? Was it for your present job?

- I returned to Saint John in March of 2018 after living for 10 years in Melbourne, Australia. I moved back with my young family to live and work, so they could experience the east coast lifestyle and to be closer to my family.


Can you please provide a brief overview of your job?

I work as the Engineering Technologist/Hydrographer for the Saint John Port Authority and my role is to run the equipment on our survey vessel. I use a multibeam sonar, along with a few other pieces of hardware, to acquire soundings from all around Saint John Harbour and into Courtenay Bay. I use those soundings to determine where we need to dredge in order to keep the channels and the berth pockets deep enough for ship traffic.


What’s the best thing about your job?

- Being out on the water on a nice calm day. It's quite peaceful, especially out near Partridge Island when the weather is cooperating. 


Why do you choose to live and work in Saint John?

- Truthfully it has to do with family. I lived away for over 10 years and missed being close to home. When the opportunity presented itself to move, we jumped at the chance to relocate to Saint John. 


What is the best thing about this city?

- As someone who loves getting outside and appreciating nature, the Greater Saint John area has so many opportunities to get out and enjoy the fresh air. I think as locals we tend to take places like Rockwood Park, the Fundy Trail and the Saint John River for granted. They are truly beautiful places and we should be thankful to have these treasures in our own backyard.


What is your favourite restaurant?

- That's a tough one but I have been to EN several times since moving back and have thoroughly  enjoyed it every time. I also have a hard time passing up fish and chips with a cool drink at the Pub Down Under.


What is your favourite weekend activity? 

- I love to get out fishing whenever I can. My son is four and I'm trying my best to get him interested in it, although he is mostly interested in throwing rocks in the water. A bit counterproductive but so long as he's having fun.


What is something that people from away need to know about Saint John?

- Although cliché, check out the Uptown area and don't be afraid to explore the laneways and alleys. Melbourne is renowned for that exact quality and Saint John is really starting to embrace the concept. So many great cafés, bars and shops to discover.


Want more information about what it’s like to live and work in Greater Saint John? Ask James

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