ASK GSJ – Anoop

ASK GSJ – Anoop

Anoop lives and works in Greater Saint John

Location: Rothesay Yacht Club in Rothesay, New Brunswick
Distance from Uptown: 17 km / 19 minutes driving
Styling: wardrobe and accessories – RW&CO; footwear belongs to Anoop


Anoop is a software engineer with 13 years' experience, representing Greater Saint John's ICT and Cybersecurity sector. 

"New Brunswick is a beautiful province and Saint John is its heart."

Greater Saint John has tons of appeal, and people like Anoop can put their talents to use here. 

We want to show you what it’s like to live and work in Saint John, New Brunswick.


Want more information about what it’s like to live and work in Greater Saint John? Ask Anoop

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